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How to Ensure Your Roof is Properly Ventilated

It’s no secret that a well-cared-for roof lasts a lot longer than one that is neglected. By spotting problems at an early stage you could prevent a lot of suffering and also additional costs from large issues. Your roofing system is susceptible to attack by the elements, including wind, rainfall, sun and snow; it is additionally attacked by leaves, insects and also various other natural predators. Ineffective roofing could indicate that any of these elements find their way right into your attic and eventually your residence and it is important that you do what you can to stop this from happening before it’s too late.

Small troubles lead to bigger ones.

The roofing system itself is one aspect of a residence that is routinely overlooked by property owners until there is an obvious leak or damages. The very best means to avoid these occurances is through a normal,  routine inspection carried out by an experienced Charlotte roofing company on your behalf. These checks are not as costly as you may think; in fact, some companies offer them for free. And problems that area found early could be dealt with so as to prevent further, costly damages. One such problem that you should routinely check for is that you have proper roofing ventilation and that it is functioning efficiently.

What constitutes proper ventilation?

Appropriate roof ventilation includes an intake and an exhaust. Both are essential to effective air flow in and out of your residence. This will protect your home and roof and will also assist control the quantity of time that you use your air conditioning, therefore reducing the price of your energy bills. There are a variety of manners in which correct air flow can be attained and each have their advantages and negative aspects. The very best option for your roof covering will depend on the shape and size of the roof, and the placement of bordering trees, cables and also various other items.

Developing correct roof ventilation

In order to produce proper roofing ventilation that adequately turns air in and also out of the house, it is essential to get the level of intake and expulsion ideal. This need to be done by a certified Charlotte roofing contractor who can work out the figures required and also give you the most effective course of action. Without expert suggestions, you might discover that you have improper air circulation, which can not only mean an extremely warm house in the summer season, it can also mean a moisture buildup in your loft and eventually warped, split or damaged shingles.

Causes of attic moisture accumulation 

Moisture isn’t always the result of wet weather conditions. Washing machines, clothes dryers and various other house appliances, as well as the occupants of your home, all attribute to the moisture in the air, and without appropriate roofing ventilation, the dampness will spread to the inside of your roof and could potentially do a lot of damage. With a correct roofing ventilation system, an adverse atmospheric pressure is developed that sucks the warm air out of the loft space exchanging it with cool fresh air from outdoors, preventing numerous kinds of damages associated with bad ventilation systems.

If you need help ensuring proper roof ventilation, give us a call today at (704) 665-0279. We offer free roof inspections and estimates to residents of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas!

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